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Flavors, Frosting and Fillings

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Servings sizes are based on serving recommendations. Final slice count is dependent upon how big or small slices were cut.Needing a different shape? Complete your inquiry and receiveyour custom quote. 

The Cake Size Chart is for a size reference, all cake serving size in the chart 

are based on a 1 x 2 inches cake slice size.

 Please plan according your party size need.

When Stacking a Cakes, allow a minimum of a 2 inches between each tier cake.

This size chart are based on a 4 inches high cake. For a Tall Cake double the serving size as two cakes are stack together to achieved the high.

Image by American Heritage Chocolate


 Our current flavors are based on top sellers - 

It best to select a flavor that you and your guest will both enjoy. Chose one flavor per cake tier when placing custom order. Flavor chart may update at any time. Be sure to review this chart before placing an order. 


Select one frosting flavor and one filling for each tier. 

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